Fitch Steamboat on Collect Pond

An early steamboat experiment

Throughout history for every inventor credited for creating something, there are unsung inventors in their shadows who lacked the money or failed to file a patent to make their work official.

nypl 1796.jpg

Who ever heard of a steamboat in Manhattan’s long-buried Collect Pond that predated Robert Fulton’s boat by a decade? Continue reading

For Your Hidden Waters Bookshelf

When the authors of The Other Islands of New York City offered acknowledgements to other authors who touched on the same topic, their caption read, “No Author is an Island.” Matching their pun with the city’s urban streams, I would offer the following “tributaries.” These are books on individual waterways which I used as sources and inspirations for my book, which covers all of the city’s hidden streams.

stream book 3

The above book by photographer Anthony Hamboussi is one of many that traveled along the course of Newtown Creek, documenting the industrial waterway on the Brooklyn-Queens border. Continue reading

A book and a blog

What inspired me to write a book about the hidden waterways within New York City? Read on… (more…)