Baisley Pond, Queens

After my visit to the site of One Mile Pond, I felt it was a good opportunity to travel downstream and document the story of Baisley Pond, the largest lake in southern Queens.

baisley view.JPG

Having visited this park after a morning snowfall, the terrain was muddy and there were few people to be seen. It is a post-glacial landscape akin to when mastodons roamed the earth. In 1858, the remains of this creature were unearthed by the pond by construction workers who were transforming the pond into a reservoir.

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Albany’s Hidden Waters

The spring of 2006, I spent a semester living in the capital city of New York state as an intern in the State Assembly. In my spare time, I explored this small but historic city for its alleys, ruins and other forgotten urban structures. It should come as no surprise that Albany has its share of hidden waterways concealed by nearly four centuries of development.

albany wash pk 2

Washington Park Lake in the city’s center has a long serpentine shape. I had a feeling that it could be a remnant of a much longer stream that predates the city. Continue reading