Delafield Ponds, Bronx

Deep inside the upscale Riverdale section of the Bronx is a private subdivision with two ponds that recall its former landowner. The ponds can be viewed by traveling downhill on West 246th Street to the west of Independence Avenue.


Here, the street curves and descends downhill towards the Hudson River. Delafield Way branches off to the left with the ponds located behind a guard booth at the entrance to the Delafield Estates development.

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Alder Brook, Bronx

One of my favorite sources for Bronx trivia over the years have been the brothers Buddy and Richie Stein, formerly of Riverdale Press, which was founded by their parents. Buddy was my professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Richie was my copy editor at The Jewish Star. As natives of Riverdale, they remember a childhood that preceded the arrival of high-rise apartments, when all of Riverdale appeared as a southern extension of the Hudson Valley rather than the northern tip of New York City. The Steins remember by name some of its hidden waterways, including Alder Brook.

alder 1.jpg

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