Forgotten-NY Visits Reed’s Mill Lane

This week, Forgotten-NY published a photo essay on Reed’s Mill Lane, an obscure street in the Eastchester section of the Bronx. As its name suggests, it once took travelers to a mill that dammed Rattlesnake Brook.

reeds mill 1

Most of the brook is channeled beneath the neighborhood, with the exception of Seton Falls Park, where the brook’s course includes a small waterfall.

rattlesnake 1

In the above 1924 aerial map from the online DoITT NYCityMap, the heavily wooded section of the stream is the site of Seton Falls. Its namesake was the Seton family,  which owned a 35-acre estate along the stream. This was the family of Elizabeth Seton, the first American-born Catholic saint.

The road running diagonally across the photo is the ancient Boston Road, which dates back to colonial times and was later designated as U. S. Route 1. Hollers Pond exited until the 1960s, when the Boston Secor apartments were built atop the buried pond. Exiting the pond, Rattlesnake Brook meandered through a salt marsh before emptying into Hutchinson River and Eastchester Bay.

rattlesnake 2

By 2008, the former salt marsh was entirely gone, with Co-op City standing atop the landfill. Only the section running through Seton Falls Park retains the stream above the surface.



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